Loewer Disc Master 3DBBP


Loewer Disc Master 3DBBP

$92,850 (USD)

Grand Rapids, MI


DiscMaster 3DBBP.1350 1x Loewer, DiscMaster 3DBBP.1350, Sanders Machine Capacities: 16 discs rotate in excentric orbital motion sanding every point of the work piece from all angles and all directions. This “cross-grain orbital-sanding“ gives an exceptional finish in deep profiles as well as on flat surfaces. The two counter-rotating rollers sand in the direction of the through-feed, creating a straight finish. DISC-STATION: -16 sanding discs 250mm (10") diameter, each with 24 keyways 75mm (3") long -Gearmotor 2x 1.5 kW (2HP) -Variable disc speed 50-300 RPM by frequency converter -Excentric orbital disc movement (patent pending) -Separate height adjustment of the disc-station (to run discs only or rollers only or everything together) -Electronic digital display to show height of disc-station ROTATING ROLLER SPINDLES: -Two spindles 90° to the feed, spindle diameter 50mm (2"), for maximum brush diameter 400mm (16") -Strong gearmotor each 2.2 kW (3HP) with external coolers -Variable spindle speed 14-300 RPM by frequency converter each spindle, separately adjustable -First spindle turning with teh feed, second spindle against the feed PLANETARY DISC-STATION: -3 overlapping planetary rotation heads each with 3 rotating discs for a total of 9, 250mm (9.8") sanding discs -0.75 kW (1HP) gear motor with tooth belt drives for planetary head rotation by frequency converter, 20-40 RPM -Each planetary head equipped with 0.75 kW (1HP) drive motor and tooth belt drives - For the 3 sanding discs, variable disc rotation of 50-400 RPM by frequency converter -Oscillation of the complete planetary station 90° to the feed by a gear motor 0.37 kW (0.5HP) -Motorized height adjustment of the planetary station by gear motor and spindle -Center head rotating clockwise, outside heads rotating Also equipped with: -Sensor-controlled oscillating blowing device for cleaning work piece -Antistatic brush tip -PLC control with storable programs and coloured touch panel


ModelDiscMaster 3DBBP