• Do you have a large dumpster full of scrap?
  • Do you pay to have people take it away?
  • Did you know that you can make money from selling your ground up wood? 
  • Does anyone call you SCRAPPY? 
  • Has anyone recently evaluated your overhead cost of wood waste?
  • Do you pay people to move waste from one point to another, just to go through it away?


At Scarlett Machinery, our goal is to find a wood disposal program that best fits your company from both a cost and a sustainability standpoint. 

Our Scarlett solution experts will conduct a FREE Wood WASTE Analysis for your facility that factors in a number of variables:


Scarlett has years of experience helping sawmill, millwork, flooring, cabinetry, truss, wall panel, window and fixture companies tackle their scrap and material handling challenges. 

Scarlett solutions can help your company be more profitable by reducing hauling/tipping costs, material handling/labor costs, clearing valuable real estate of scrap waste and converting your wood scrap into a value-added salable material.

Scarlett has extensive experience helping companies in the furniture industry manage scrap from drops, end-trims, cutoffs and ripping. Our material handling & grinding equipment solutions greatly reduce material handling costs and make turn scrap into value-added product. We understand that different furniture manufacturing operations have different requirements, and can support both in-line processing or zone grinding. 

Your hardwood scrap, plywood, veneers, melamine laminates, and other scraps are no match for a quality grinder. Just one solid grinder can handle all your forms of wood scrap, and that creates costs savings that directly impact your bottom line.

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