C.R. Onsrud 145M12DA M Series CNC ROUTER


C.R. Onsrud 145M12DA M Series CNC ROUTER

$110,500 (USD)

Grand Rapids, MI


C.R ONSRUD MODEL 145M12DA "M Series" CNC ROUTER Designed, FEA Engineered, and Manufactured in America, utilizing steel construction. Dual supported gantry driven on both sides with independent servo motors and drives. This dual channel design enhances accuracy & rigidity. The moving gantry, fixed table, the design allows for up to 2,000 ipm programmable feed rates.
Control system comes standard with full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation). Precision linear motion systems on all axes.
Standard with Onsrud Universal High Flow Vacuum Table System suitable for flow-through spoil boards, dedicated fixtures, or easily upgradable for pod systems.
 CR ONSRUD High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System - Includes oversized 4” intake manifold, high-capacity vacuum plumbing, high-flow 45mm grid waffle patterns, with Onsrud’s Unique High Flow Vacuum Inlets, to offer maximum vacuum airflow & absolutely minimal airflow restriction for excellent part holding. High Flow Vacuum Zone - Actuated via Manual Ball Valve
9-inches of Z stroke - 9” under bridge clearance & 11” Z axis stroke from spindle nose in retracted position to table
 5x12 - Flow-Through Spoil Board - LDF table top to be used as replaceable sacrificial spoil board. FANUC 0i Handheld Machine Controller System - Industrial CNC Machine Controller with Fanuc iPendent HMI w/High Res touch screen. Fanuc 0i is not a PC with a control card but is a dedicated Industrial PLC designed to control CNC motion, for maximum reliability and performance. Network capability, plus adds Large FANUC Digital Drives & Servos. Handheld interface offers the convenience of being able to move freely around the machine while controlling functions. Allows for Full remote diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities. Adds m-code controlled vacuum zones (if equipped with Vacuum Table Option). (requires 460V out isolation transformer). 12 HP Spindle - 4-Pole, 9Kw, 12HP, HSK-63F – 24,000 RPM fully programmable, variable speed, reversible, HSK 63F tool interface, quick-change cartridge style spindle, with air blast; capable of routing & drilling, with programmable feed rates with override capability.
 Integrated Dust Transition System - Integrated Dust Extraction hood pulls chips away from the spindle’s nose & up a separate chamber & hood to effectively remove chips from the machining process. (6in dust transition also provided for connecting to your dropped-in flex hose) - **consult your machine-specific footprint for specific connection recommendations based on your options. Standard Manual Greased Lubrication - Bearing Blocks and Ballscrews have standard zerk fittings for easy application of grease Automatic pusher sweeper with outfeed table M Series Dust Collection Center Stanchion Kit - (includes flex hose, 1 steel stand, & clamps to connect dust transition to your collector above the center of the spindle plate) 12 Tool – Fixed Rack A.T.C - Rack style tool changer quickly changes between 12 different tools. 9 Spindle drill bank Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets - Recommended for extreme environments & some non-temperature controlled workplaces. Option replaces the standard heat exchanger system. Pneumatic Controlled Pop-Up Perimeter Positioning Pin - for easier sheet placement Solenoids for Pop-Up Pin Control


ManufacturerC.R. Onsrud
Model145M12DA M Series