3D Systems ProX® DMP200

3D Systems ProX® DMP200

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This machine is physically located at Scarlett Inc’s showroom in Grand Rapids, MI. Please call to arrange a visit. We are 3.5 minutes from the airport and would be happy to pick you up. Please note that the below description is from the original manufacture's spec.

For a more detailed description, please call James to discuss if this machine will fit your needs. 616.308.9800

The ProX® DMP200 is a high quality direct metal printing (DMP) machine. It brings reliability and repeatability to productionlevel direct metal printing. The ProX® DMP200 is designed to meet industrial market demands of reliable, high material quality and low maintenance 3D printing machines.

With direct metal printing, parts are built up layer by layer. Using this technique, the most complex parts can be made. Loose metal powder particles are melted together by high-precision laser. The laser is directed to the powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal layers. Connecting each new layer to the previous one, it brings a high quality alternative to the traditional manufacturing processes. Since no tools are used and no material is removed, waste is reduced significantly. Parts aren’t built by removing material in  different steps, but by adding material. Other advantages are the quick set up times and the ability to produce very complex assemblies as a single part.

The ProX® DMP200 has a build platform of 140 x 140 x 100mm which can produce high quality parts in a variety of metals. Metal materials for this printer include: 

  • SS 316L
  • SS 17-4PH 
  • Inconel 625 
  • Maraging Tool Steel
  • Cobalt-Chrome CoCr 
  • Aluminum Alloy AlSi12

This particular machine has over 62 days of laser runtime and has been kept in excellent running order by trained technicians. The machine is in great condition and has run almost exclusively 17-4PH stainless steel. Machine is sold as-is with no warranties or guarantees other than service and support offered by 3D Systems.

The machine also comes with a Ruwac WB150 vacuum which is designed to safely depowder and recover the metal powder left around the parts and build volume.

For a more detailed description, please call Chris to discuss if this machine will fit your needs. 616-822-1379


Manufacturer3D Systems
ModelProX® DMP200