2023 C.R.Onsrud 98RH18A "Roller Hold Down Series" CNC ROUTER with SIDE LOADING AUTOMATION

2023 C.R.Onsrud 98RH18A "Roller Hold Down Series" CNC ROUTER with SIDE LOADING AUTOMATION

$349,000 (USD)

Grand Rapids, MI

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Manufactured in the USA

Fixed bridge design with a single moving table allows for – up to – 4,000 IPM programmable feed rates and 1G of acceleration.

High-precision ball-screw drive for all axis movements. The table includes a pressure-sensitive safety stop “edge switch” on the front and rear. In addition, a

360-degree emergency stop cable surrounds the machine.

Industrial machine control system with full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation)

98 - 4x8 - Work Envelope

CR ONSRUD Aluminum Universal Vacuum Table System UPGRADE - Includes 4” intake manifold,

high-capacity vacuum plumbing, high-flow 45mm wide waffle patterns, with Onsrud’s Unique High Flow

Vacuum Inlets, offer maximum vacuum airflow & absolutely minimal airflow restriction for excellent part

holding 11 inches of Z stroke - 11” Z axis stroke and 15” under bridge clearance 

8x4 - Flow-Through Spoil Board - LDF table top to be used as replaceable sacrificial spoil board. 


FANUC 0i Machine Controller System with Panel-i HMI - Industrial CNC Machine Controller with Fanuc

Panel-i HMI w/High Res touch screen. Fanuc 0i is not a PC with a control card but is a dedicated Industrial

PLC is designed to control CNC motion, for maximum reliability and performance. Includes: Network capability,

adds Large FANUC Digital Drives and servos. Includes Full remote diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities. Adds

m-code controlled vacuum zones (if equipped with Pneumatic Vacuum Zone option). Provided with 4-port

network hub (requires 460V out isolation transformer). 

FANUC MPG Handheld Remote Jog Pendant - Manual Pulse Generator, Portable, Axis Select Switch (X, Y,

Z, 4), with LED and Multiple Switch (x1, x10, x100)


18 HP Spindle - 4-Pole, 13.5Kw, 18HP – 24,000 RPM fully programmable & reversible, variable speed, HSK

63F tool interface, quick-change spindle, capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates w/override

capability. 2-Position Integrated Dust Transition System - Integrated Dust Extraction hood pulls chips away from the

spindle’s nose & up a separate chamber & hood to effectively remove chips from the machining process. (8in

dust transition also provided for connecting to your dropped-in flex hose) -

Automatic Directional Air Blast - Blows air on the tooltip to aid chip or dust evacuation. The direction air blows

changes relative to the path of the machine. Can be turned on / off via M-Code.

Roller Hold-Down Options

Roller Hold Down Option - 2 Rollers on each side of the cutting spindles, automatically extend & retract as

rollers roll off cutting table, for holding down warped sheet stock such as low-grade plywood. Each roller’s

pressure can be regulated to prevent unnecessarily slamming the rollers into the table & the material. Usually

assists standard vacuum holding, but may be purchased without vacuum. Approximately 6 inches clearance

between rollers, depending on head configuration.

Isolation Transformer Options

Isolation Transformer - 6-tap, non-compensating transformer helps adjust your plant power to the exact

power needed by your CNC. Input voltage needs to be specified after order. Non-standard voltages may have

additional charges. 

Machine Lubrication Systems Options

Automatic Grease Lubrication System - replaces the machine’s standard centralized grease lubrication on standard machines 

Tool Changer

12 Tool - Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer - Fully Servo controlled instead of Stepper controlled or Rack-Style tool changers. The design eliminates misfires & quickly changes between 12 different tools.

Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets - Recommended for extreme environments & some non-temperature

controlled workplaces. Option replaces the standard heat exchanger system. 

Material Handling Options

Automated Nested Sheet Side Offload System with Integrated Dust Extraction - The System removes finished parts, scrap, and all dust and debris from the machining area onto the offload table. Includes Material

Removal Scrap-Arm system with Integrated 6” Dust Extraction Hood (recommended 4000 cfm). The system

requires and mounts to the Onsrud S Series Automated Material Infeed Side-Loading System.

Material Handling Infeed Options

Onsrud S Series Automated Material Infeed Side-Loading System - Fully Automated system for the loading of full sheets of Plywood, Melamine, or other similar smooth sheets over 1/4" thickness up to 1”

thickness, up to 100 lbs each.

This system uses an overhead side loading crane system with a riding carriage that lifts materials instead of

sliding them to help prevent scratching. The sheet is loaded in a shorter direction to save time and machine footprint.

Includes Scissor Lift with up to full bunk capabilities (34in stack height)

Material Handling Offload Options

Side Integrated Conveyor Out-Feed Table for Automated Nested Sheet Side Offload System - Integrated

conveyor system conveniently delivers the finished parts to the operator beside the machine. Conveyor moves

the panel across its width instead of length to allow the panel to shift across what is typically the Y-Axis of the

machine.  An electric eye senses when the conveyor should run and bring the parts to the operator or stops movement to wait for the operator to retrieve each part.

The machine control signals the conveyor to start running when the Automated Nested Sheet Side Offload

The system goes to sweep and offload the parts from the machining table.

A dust extraction grate is located at the table’s transition (with separate 8in transition - recommended 2000

cfm) which collects loose dust & debris as the sheet transitions from the machining area to the offload table.

An additional dust extraction grate (with additional 8in dust hose port) collects any remaining debris at the end

of the conveyor where the operator stacks the finished parts. Accommodates sheets up to 5ft x 10ft.Bunk Pre-Stage Roller Conveyor Station Option - Adds a pre-stage area for a bunk of material to be placed while there is a bunk on the machine's scissor lift. Once the scissor lift is empty, the bunk in the pre-stage area will be transferred to the scissor lift.

Auxiliary Options

Stack Light for Machine Status - 4 color stack light: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue are tied into the status of the machine to allow a quick, at a glance, look at the machine's current running state. 

Vacuum Pump

25HP Dekker V-Max Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - 410 CFM System @ 29”/hg; 696 m3/hr @982Mb.

Auto Tool Length Touchpad Digitizer - Measures tool length and records in machine tool length tables, may

not work with custom or non-standard tooling or some custom profiles. 

Price - $349,900

FOB: Grand Rapids, MI

This package was originally $450k and has not run in production! (Brand New)

For a more detailed description, please call Chris to discuss if this machine will fit your needs. 616-822-1379


ManufacturerC.R. ONSRUD
Model98RH18A "Roller Hold Down Series" CNC ROUTER with SIDE LOADING AUTOMATION